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Rates starting at $50 per month for start-ups. New clients get an additional 15% discount. That fee includes paychecks and payroll returns filings.


Running payroll yourself is very time-consuming and risky unless you have qualified staff to handle payroll processing and compliance reporting effectively and efficiently.

How do payroll services work? It seems straightforward to run payroll.

Employers hire employees to work for them at a certain pay rate. They calculate their gross wages and withhold taxes.

The government receives its share through Social Security, Medicare, and federal, state and local taxes. Employees receive the money remaining after taxes and withholdings.

Is it really that easy? No…. That is not all one needs to know with payroll.

Bonuses, overtime, missed work, and tax withholdings in addition to regular pay must be calculated correctly.

Staying current with constantly changing payroll tax laws at the federal, state and local level to lessen interest charges on miscalculations owed and prevent the facing of fines for late payments are demands of payroll processing and reporting.

Ensure third-party payroll providers receive their funds in a timely manner with withholdings from 401(k), insurance costs and more.

What does PDP Tax & Accounting Services Do For Clients?

You provide us the employer, bank, and all employee information including W-4s. We set everything up for you.

You provide us the hours per employee per pay frequency. All wage deductions and withholdings are done for you automatically.

We provide direct deposit of paychecks for employees as an additional service with no additional fee.

Federal, state and local payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid on your behalf.

All payroll tax returns are filed electronically on your behalf.

This is why small businesses just like yours opt to outsource payroll services.

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